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There are over

400,000 Veterans

in the State of




The Vets for Vets program serves to identify veterans, widows or widowers of veterans in our community in need of immediate home repairs.  The program is designed to utilize veteran volunteers and community partners to make the needed repairs.


While there are programs for medium to large scale veteran projects through Habitat for Humanity Tuscaloosa, Vets for Vets focuses on smaller home repair projects to improve quality of life.  They also help with the prevention of small issues becoming large scale projects.  


We have the projects, we need your support both physically and financially to give to those who have given so much for us.


If you are medically, honorably, or a generally discharged veteran, you can apply for this program.  Also if you are the widow or widower of a veteran you can apply.  Please contact Vickie Simmons with any inquiries about applying for this program


There are 414,963 Veterans in the state of Alabama.  That is over 9% of the state's population  

314,530 of the 414,963 Veterans served during wartime.  That is 75% of the state veteran population.

Over 70,000 veterans are living in poverty, which is 17% of the state's veterans

3% of the state of Alabama's veterans reside in Tuscaloosa County, a total of 14,143 veterans.

* All statistics were gathered from the Department of Veterans Affairs and 2013 United States Census Bureau Report.

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